Indonesian Highlights

Jessica Iskandar

Jessica Iskandar is an Indonesian actress and model. Iskandar originated from Jakarta. Iskandar's first film was Dealova and her second film was Diva. She attended university in Jakarta, studying interior design, while acting.

In 2007 she said that she planned to end her acting career before she turned 25 years of age so she could become a housewife. In 2011 Iskandar expressed disagreement against a plan of the Government of Indonesia to terminate BlackBerry access. Together Iskandar and celebrity chef Farah Quinn have over 2.5 million Facebook and Twitter followers.

Jennifer Bachdim

Jennifer is a personal style blogger, fashion & beauty influencer plus lifestyle & fitness blogger based currently in Sapporo, Japan. Jennifer is wearing multiple hats : influencer, model, blogger, YouTube creator and of course mommy & wife, she is passionate about fashion & beauty and she shares mesmerizing pictures through the world.

Jennifer stands out with her sophisticated & elegant style with always a touch of edge & fashion, she is working with numerous international & national brands.

Karenina Sunny

Karenina Sunny Halim (born in Jakarta, 13 June 1986), an Indonesian American, was Miss Indonesia (DKI Jakarta) 2009. She represented Indonesia at the Miss World 2009 in South Africa in November - December the same year.

Kerenina is of mixed descent, her mother is from Montana, United States and her father from Bandung, Indonesia. She has five siblings, one of whom is also a well-known celebrity in Indonesia, Steve Emmanuel, who had starred in several TV soap operas (also known as "sinetron" in Indonesia).

Chicco Jerikho

Chicco Jerikho Jarumillind or Chicco Jerikho (born in Jakarta , July 3, 1984 , age 33 years old) is an Indonesian film actor. He began to be widely known by playing in the soap opera Cinta Bunga.

Chicco Jerikho, Jakarta-born actor is an Indonesian sinetron player who has Thai blood from the father and blood Batak from the mother who surnamed Panggabean. His name became public when playing in soap operas stripping "love flowers".