Indonesian born - raised in Singapore and Paris. Harry Halim is a Paris-based Creative Director graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. In 2006, he launched his first womenswear collection in Singapore where he formerly based.

After an encouraging feedback from the industry and customers, he presented in 2007 his second collection at the Singapore Fashion Festival while continuing his refined aesthetic of dangerous sophisticated elegance, which drew impressive response from international press and buyers who love him as a modern couturier.

In 2008, Harry Halim was awarded Best Asian Designer of the Year and was featured in the International industry-go-to compendium, Asian Young Fashion Designers.

The same year, he relocated his studio to Paris and started a new debut collection Fall/Winter 2010. The collection was positively reviewed by influential fashion critics for his conceptual imagination. The following season, Harry Halim became the first Indonesian designer accepted in Paris Fashion Week official agenda.

In 2016 Harry Halim dedicated 1 year fully to his loyal costumers, by making special private and intimate collections for each of them. "It was a personal desire I had, I wanted to honor those women who believed in me, I wanted to know them well, so I decided to make them special private sur-mesure pieces where their own self became THE inspiration behind it"

As the brand expands its clientele around the globe, Harry Halim now travels between France and Indonesia while preparing his new collection.

The Spring Summer 2018 collection releases in October 2017 during Paris Fashion Week. The collection is called "Les Fleurs du Mal", inspired by Charles Baudelaire's same titled book of poems.

Loyal to its core identity, he described the brand Harry Halim as an adventure of exploring those little dark sides of every strong and independent woman. The creative director leads the brand into his personal universe where women are empowered and praised.

"I'm not trying to entertain anybody, or trying to be who I am not. Those women are the inspiration of my works, so I look up on them, and I believe they never try to be someone they're not, or try to be different, or unique, they are not a followers, they refuse to be dictated by anyone or anything, they do what make them stronger - perhaps by fighting for what they believes in, or slowing down to get what they want... and that's what this brand is about".

Unlike many designers working in the industry today, he drapes all his own patterns and toiles in his studio in Paris.

"As a native Indonesian, this beautiful country always inspired me by its hundreds of tribal cultures diversity. Singapore molded me to be perfectionist. While Paris is bringing me to another level of life. The city of light taught me to live by, with, and for passion, be true to yourself, and enhanced my appreciation of quality and freedom." Moving forward, in respond of high demands and his desire to streghten his relationship with his inspiring homeland, Harry Halim announced the opening of his first flagship store in Jakarta in November 2017.

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