Jesus Cedeno

Jesus Cedeno is a multidisciplinary fashion designer born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1990. After finishing his Bachelor's Degree in Fashion in the Instituto Brivil of Caracas, Jesus was awarded the Silver thimble as the second best final Collection, which also landed him a Scholarship from the Indonesian government to study abroad due to his participation as the secretary of the Canting Club for Batik Lovers; a community founded by the Embassy of Indonesia in Venezuela in order to promote the use and practice the technique of Batik.

From 2014 to 2015 Jesus attended PPPPTK Seni dan Budaya in Yogyakarta to study the ancient technique of the art of Batik. In 2015 he immersed himself further into his newfound devotion for Batik appearing in the Talk Show "Batik Diplomacy" for a segment for Jakarta Fashion Week; project developed by the former Ambassador Prianti Gagarin, to share the experience of the acceptance and inclusion in fashion of batik in Venezuela.

In 2017, Jesus merged his passion for fashion, art, and culture by creating a unique runway show helded at the residence of the Mexican Ambassador, 'Mextik', a play on the words Mexico and Batik. Jesus created a Batik motive inspired in a traditional loom from the region of Hidalgo in Mexico, in order to make a statement that advocates for sharing and respecting cultures and bringing tradition to the twenty-first century.

From there on, Jesus has established himself as a fashion designer and Batik artist in Jakarta, merging his fervor for traditional textiles and global culture, bringing the world together one dress at the time.

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