Liang Yanqi - I.N.K.

Born in Macao, LIANG Yanqi now is a fashion columnist, fashion stylist and course instructor of the Macao cultural magazine SD Magazine. In 2014, LIANG founded Inky Store, a fashion clothing store in Macao, to promote fashion culture. In 2016, LIANG co-founded I.N.K with a Macanese designer CHEN Xiaolong. LIANG has served as an image, manager and retailer for international fashion brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Burberry and Hermès, hosted or been guest for Burberry, Dior and Macao fashion brands, been an image director for artists from Macao and Mainland China, film and television programs and award ceremony, been invited to Fashion Week in London, Paris and Seoul. LIANG also works as a model in Macao and participates in local multimedia production.

The design of this series is inspired by the synthesized electronic music and retro futurism of the 1980s. The splice of different material, the fusion, deformation and partial elongation, the transparent and non-transparent fabrics create a sense of depth, and convey the spirit of integration. Inspired by the city's neon lights in the 1980s, the colors used throughout the series are neon purple, electric blue, sunset red and laser yellow embellished. Colorful neon lights and repetitive synthesized electronic music echo through the city and buildings, are surrounded by people exploring the city.

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