Qiu Zihao - Dong De Xi (LOTI)

In 2006, QIU Zihao graduated from BRIGHTON UNIVERSITY, ranking the third in the Department of Clothing in the UK, majoring in Fashion Design with Business. In 2004, QIU served as assistant to GREMSHAM BLAKE in a British new-style tailor shop to learn traditional British tailoring. In 2005, QIU worked as an assistant to Alistair Carr (now Director of Pringle of Scotland) in London, studying tailoring techniques, modeling application and commercial design. In 2006, QIU worked as a cashmere designer in Shenzhen Ordos. In 2009, QIU served as a senior designer in Shenzhen FA LOUINA. At the beginning of 2011, QIU worked as a buyer in the self-founded company Yaxi Clothing Trade Firm. Self created brand— — DONG DE XI

Baroque of the street style! Jeaned fabric gives people a sense of leisure, neutrality and wildness, lace endows women with delicacy, and elegance! For this He Series, QIU combines jeaned fabric and lace, so that jeaned fabric also highlights women's elegance. The contrast of lace stitching on jean conveys both Baroque style, delicacy, and exquisiteness.

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