SHANNON is a semi-formal, ready-to-wear brand that caters to women. Its style is minimal but detailed; with clean lines, fine materials, craftsmanship, and ideal fit being the key elements of SHANNON. The designer behind the brand, Shannon Sutiono, wants to provide women with clothing that not only reflects what defined as classic, but at the same time modern. Elevated textiles mixed with handmade embellishment or special detail bring in textures and shapes to each and every of its garments. The use of neutral palette makes SHANNON's pieces timeless and effortless, but not boring by the addition seasonal accent colors. SHANNON is the answer for women who like simple dressing but at the same time making statement.

Shannon Sutiono, an Indonesian Chinese, was born and raised in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Through its diversity, Jakarta exposed her to the variety of style, colors, and cultures from around the world, which often comes as the source of inspirations for her designs. Living in Singapore while pursuing her bachelor degree of fashion in Raffles Design Institute, the city witnessed the growth of her style, and she managed to further learn about world's fashion industry and garment making techniques. Her style simple, not too elaborate, but rich in details. She believes that quality is key, that's why most of her pieces requires a lot of time and craftsmanship to produce.

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