The creation of the capsule collection 2018 collection is inspired by the jagged, yet regular and symmetric zig zag pattern. The pattern projects an image of a busy and fun urbanite woman on a chaotic working day, or on a weekend full of entertaining activities with friends and family. In other words, it represents a modern and confident working woman who is socially adept and full of optimism. A representation of a charismatic and sophisticated yet charming and gentle woman, the dress cut styles remain distinctly SHERANUT, with fluid and draping fabrics that have fabulous body. The collection includes dresses with form-fitting style designed to fit close to your body, as well as looser fits which fall beautifully and still show off your curves without needing to be tight at all. A defining feature of this season's collection is simple, subtle dressing for any day wear. In other words, the dresses have amazing simplicity and wearability and would fit in anywhere and on any occasion.

Fabrics & Colors
The SHERANUT Capsule 2018 collection takes great care in selecting the right chiffon fabrics with suitable thicknesses for each and every dress. Some sheer and some opaque chiffons, mixed with elegant and light Silk Satin materials.

Techniques & Details
The SHERANUT Capsule 2018 collection skillfully plays with a swift zig zag pattern by arranging strips of fabric through silver rings of various sizes, carefully positioned at precise locations to optimize your body shape.

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