Wilsen Willim

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Wilsen Willim is an award winning international designer whose label Wilsen Willim are available in upscale multi-brand boutiques in the UK, France, Kuwait, Egypt, and Indonesia.

Wilsen Willim offers only comfortable natural fabrics tailored with high quality finishings. The designs utilizes playful and experimental details while contrasting them with a pure and simple silhouettes. Intricate hand-made details such as origami foldings, felting techniques, and artisan weaved fabrics, which elevated each of the pieces, have become a unique signature of the brand.

This year, Wilsen Willim is once again selected by Fashion Revolution Organization to represent Indonesia in the Fashion Revolution Open Studio event along with his other global contemporaries such as Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Raeburn, and many more.

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