Andrea Chong

Born and based in Singapore, Andrea Chong is the founder of Digital Advertising Agency, DC Creative, and blogger behind

The blog started in 2013 and is an online collection of articles about Andrea's love for fashion and travel. A Literature Undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University, the blog marries Andrea's pursuit of creating quality reading content with her love of photography. Though, Andrea seeks to build a reading community that is equally excited about her love for nature, design and street casual outfits.

Get in touch and say hello at has been ranked 1st on Digital Advertising Agency HippoNetwork's "Top 50 Fashion Bloggers in Singapore" list. is currently ranked under The Influencer Media's "Top 50 Bloggers in Singapore" list.

In the recent inaugural Singapore Social Media Awards 2015, Andrea has been voted and presented with the Fashion Icon of the Year Award.

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