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Chloe Ting is the teeny tiny talent behind – A blog about Chloe’s take on fashion and her adventures as a fashion blogger. Born in Brunei, and based in Melbourne Australia, Chloe began her blog as a way to showcase her love of fashion and to have a creative outlet outside of her day job as an analyst.

Chloe Ting Within a short time, Chloe has established herself as a renowned fashion blogger, with readership from all over the world. She now works full time on her blog and travels the globe while working closely with brands on various campaigns covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel.

Chloe is passionate about sharing Australia’s fashion culture with the rest of the world, a goal she has well and truly achieved having appeared in a wide variety of local and international print/online publications and media outlets. Chloe’s love for fashion inspires her to be bold with various styles. From high fashion to street style, or from grungy to romantic; there isn’t a style that Chloe isn’t afraid to pull off and take amazing pictures to share.

Apart from appearing at local and international fashion events, you can catch more of Chloe on her YouTube channel as well as on insiteTV’s YouTube channel called “Chloe’s Fashion Life”. occasionally receives brand sponsorships for reviewing/mentioning their products and services.

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