Nellie Lim

Fashion tastemaker and Digital Influencer, Nellie Lim has been one of the leading lights in endorsing an assortment of mid to high end brands. Possessing a keen eye for matching designer looks with editorial photography, she has amassed a loyal set of discerning fans from around the globe who often look to Nellie for purchase inspiration. Her commitment to traveling in style also provides subtle fashion nudges under the backdrop of coveted travel destinations.

Nellie also looks to inspire women around the world through her deliberate mismatching of designer and high-street labels to mix up a sartorial elegance. Pairing her unique fashion tastes with street style photography, she has earned herself much sought after collaborations with notable international labels.

To cap this off, Nellie is rarely seen without a well paired set of towering stilettos. Mixing in the right pair to achieve that perfect look has added an extra dimension to her trendy appeal, affording her the title of "Shoe Queen" and signature sign-off of #NelliesShoefie.

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